Utensili Federighi - Massa

Olinto Federighi has established his firm after 15 years experience in the field of bearings of various families as responsable in companies of primary worlwide importance

Follow the most important rules Federighi’s F.F. has imposed itself to satisfy his customers:

  • Produce the necessary quality at lower cost
  • Respect the times of delivery
  • If it’s urgent, satisfy the customer’s demands as quickly as possible
  • Keep competitive prices
  • Have a qualified staff and fit tooling up.

  F.F. di Federighi O. & C. S.r.l.  -  Via Dorsale 10, 54100 Massa  -  Tel 0585 791343  Fax: 0585 791052  info@utensili-federighi.it   P.IVA 01133370450